Bad Credit Loans
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Bad Credit Loans

We specialise in helping New Zealanders with bad credit. It can happen to anyone and we are here to help you today if you need bad credit loans.

If you need cash in 30 minutes or cash overnight we have bad credit lenders who may be able to help you today!

Yes, you can get the cash you need to help resolve today's emergency so don't worry.* We offer fast bad credit personal loans for New Zealanders.

We can help you find a new loan whether you need the answer in minutes, the same day or overnight.

So what can lenders offer?

1.      no credit check option - that's right, no credit check is required 

2.     No employer contact to approve your loan - they respect your right to privacy

3.     Higher loan limits

4.     Low daily interest rates

5.     Cash in 30 minutes

6.     Short term unsecured loans

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Instant Bad Credit Loans 

Don't think you are the only Kiwi with cash problems, you are not alone. We have lots of answers if you need cash. Now could be the time to start looking for that Bad Credit Loan.

There are plenty of Bad Credit lenders out there that are willing to give you a go.* Or you could consider Bad credit instant finance loans.

Even if you may have had credit rating issues in the past, that's no reason to stress if an emergency has arrived.

We are told the Cash Loans Save My life or Save My credit rating. People were able to bring home the Bacon again with our loans.

Online services such as Bad Credit Cash Loans are a great starting point for searching for the company to do business with, and if you've got a bad credit rating, cash relief can be just a click away.

Bad Credit Cash Loans

You can now apply for a bad credit cash relief loan quick and easy from your home or office and can receive a cash loan in as little as 30 minutes.* Yes, Cash in your bank in 30 minutes!* Gone are the days of waiting for days only to be told NO.

Till recently this was the only solution - but now the power is back in your hands thanks to the Internet. You can now compare the different loan offers available quickly. Take control.

What are your needs?

No credit check personal cash loans (protect your report and avoid an unnecessary enquiry)  

Cash in 30 minutes after the final approval

Great service


Understanding and respect

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You no longer have to meet face to face or fight for a car space in your precious lunch hour. It's is a lot less stressful to do loan approvals online.

Keep your life and your needs to yourself.

Even if you are self employed, you may still be able to get a loan, each application is accessed individually on its own merits.

All enquiries are treated with utmost respect for your privacy and we will get back to you promptly.

When using our online assessment form, your enquiry may NOT be recorded with any credit agencies.

No Credit Check Bad Credit Loan

Many website applications record your enquiry with Veda which can adversely affect your credit rating.   

This doesn't need to be the case when you submit your loan enquiry with us (provided you have requested a no credit check loan). So apply for a bad credit payday loan and ask for a no credit check option.

Thousands of people have bad credit and many more are joining their ranks everyday. I am sure you know someone who has bad credit and may benefit from our bad credit loans service. Bad credit often results in a low credit score and we know lenders and employers can view your credit report. With our bad credit cash loan providers you can decide if you want your credit report reviewed. Your bad credit loan rate may be a little higher if you decide not to have a credit review but who needs an extra inquiry recored on their credit report - of course the choice is yours. 

Getting cash now from the old sources such as banks is harder than ever now the financial climate is more challenging for them. We however have found a number of companies who give payday loans to people with bad credit. Applying for bad credit loans requires some investigation. Well we can often help as the companies on this site have been praised for their great service and offer some of the best bad credit loan deals around, remember to   consider your options carefully and see advise from a financial advisor. 

For example, some companies advertise very low rates but then charge high fees or lend you more than you can repay causing high default fees to be applied to your bad credit loans account.

The companies on this site very clearly explain the fees and charges for their personal bad credit loan clients. 

Sometimes lenders charge higher interest rates because your credit score has prior defaults. Our lenders review your ability to pay now and are less concerned about the past. We all deserve a second chance right. Many people have had a default of some kind on a loan in the past - that's life but you need to be judged on the future intentions more than the past and that's what our lenders do. Did you know that the rate can be reduced if you manage your loans well? Yes, future loans can be at even lower rates - just ask the lender. 

Please consider these things about Bad Credit Loans

Our lenders understand that life throws out challenges from time to time - maybe you had a divorce or were laid - off in the past and that caused payment problems. That's why our lenders look at your ability to repay now and not the past. Applying for a bad credit payday loan can be a great short-term solution to get back on your feet. 

There are many different types of loans if you have bad credit. You might consider payday loans, bad credit loans, cash loan etc.

Unfortunately, with Bad Credit higher interest rates will apply. The good news is as you prove that you can meet the repayments our lenders will normally start offering you lower rates. 

So don't worry if you have Bad Credit - We have found some excellent lenders who can help you repair your credit over time. 

*All loan applications are subject to the lenders lending criteria and the lenders final approval (at their sole discretion).